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Basics: Latin Paleography

Review Terms for the Form and Layout of the Manuscript Book

Exercise 3: Terms for parts of the manuscript book

One parchment sheet folded in half to make two leaves is called

  1. a folio
  2. a bifolium
  3. a quire

b. a bifolium

Exercise 4: What kind of ruling?

Explore the manuscript page below. Can you tell what kind of ruling it has?

  1. dry-point
  2. plummet
  3. ink
Walters Art Museum, W.4, f. 38r. © 2011 Walters Art Museum, used under a CC BY-SA license.

a. dry-point


If you read Latin and would like to try reading from manuscripts in the units that follow, go to the Transcription Basics lesson to learn the conventions of representing manuscript text in modern form. Otherwise, go directly to the Classical Antiquity Paleography lesson to learn about the scripts used in the Roman world.