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Carolingian Manuscripts: Paleography

Section 4: Exercise

Do you remember the distinctive letterforms of Insular minuscule? Can you tell Caroline Minuscule from Insular Minuscule? Hints: look for the distinctive g of each script, the distinctive r of Insular scripts, and look for the descenders that are characteristic of Insular Minuscule.

For each word below, identify whether it is Insular or Caroline:

a. the word strictis strictis

a.  Caroline



b. the word plurimos plurimos

b.  Caroline


c.  the word fugiant fugiant

c.  Insular



d.  the word longissimum longissimum

d.  Caroline



e.  the word confiteantur confiteantur

e.  Insular



f.  the word frater frater

f.  Caroline