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Exercise 1: Practice with simple suspensions

Choose the correct expansion for the abbreviation hominib'

  1. hominibus
  2. hominimum
  3. hominib(us)

c.  hominib(us)

Exercise 2: Practice with nomina sacra

Which of these is the abbreviation for deus?

  1. DNS
  2. DS
  3. DUS

b.  DS

Exercise 3: More practice with nomina sacra

Which of these is the correct way to expand the abbreviation IHS XPS?

  1. ihes(u)s christ(u)s
  2. i(esu)s c(hristu)s
  3. ie(su)s chr(istu)s

c.   ie(su)s chr(istu)s

How did you do on these practice drills? Expanding nomina sacra can be tricky, especially remembering which letters go in parentheses. Next try transcribing some real manuscripts. You'll have plenty of practice expanding abbreviations here and in subsequent lessons.