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Christian Late Antiquity: Transcription

Transcription Exercise 1: The Bodleian Libraries, Auct. D. 2. 14, f. 130r. Uncials, Italy, ca. 600.

Transcribe lines 3-15 in the second column of this page.

Remember to add modern word separation and expand abbreviations, but otherwise record exactly what the scribe wrote. Follow the manuscript's line breaks, but add a hyphen in brackets at line end if the scribe has split a word between two lines. You'll find two places in this passage where the scribe broke a word at line end.

Transcribe lines 3-15 from the right column.

The Bodleian Libraries, The University of Oxford, Auct. D. 2. 14, f. 130r.

Transcription Answer Key

3  et uerbum erat apud
4  d(eu)m;
5  et d(eu)s erat uerbum;
6  hoc erat in principio
7  apud d(eu)m;
8  omnia per ipsum fac(-)
9  ta sunt.´
10  et sine ipso factu(m)
11  est nihil;
12  quod factum est.´
13  in ipso uita erat;
14  et uita erat lux ho(-)
15  minum;