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Christian Late Antiquity: Transcription

Transcription Exercise 2: BAV Pal. lat. 210, f. 4r. Augustine, De bono coniugali. Uncials, Italy, 6th C.

Transcribe lines 3-12.

Here's another Uncial manuscript, with a different layout. Even though he does not use spaces between words, this scribe uses large spaces to separate sentences or major sense-units, and emphasizes those breaks with larger letters. You may use capital letters to reproduce the scribe's litterae notabiliores.

There are four abbreviations in this passage: three suspensions of final -m or -us, and one nomen sacrum.

Here are a few more things to watch out for as you transcribe:

  • At the end of line 3, a letter is obscured in a fold of the parchment. It is an r.
  • At the end of line 6, the scribe seems to make a spelling mistake. Can you tell whether he's used the correct letter or not? Compare the way he makes the letter(s) in question in other places on the page.
  • Watch out for false word separations! Make sure you end up with complete Latin words that make sense in context.

Transcribe lines 3-12.

© Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. lat. 210, f. 4r.

Transcription Answer Key

3  donec illa benedictionis multiplicatione terra
4  impleretur˙Si enim uestib(us) israhelitarum
5  praestitit d(eu)s per annos quadraginta sine ullo
6  detrimento proprium statum· Quanto magis
7  praestaret corporib(us) oboedientiam praecepto suo
8  felicissimum quoddam temperamentum certi
9  status· donec in melius conuerterentur˙
10  Non morte hominis qua corpus ab anima deseritur·
11  sed beata commutatione a mortalitate ad inmor(-)
12  talitatem· Ab animali ad spiritalem qualitate(m)·