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Christian Late Antiquity: Paleography

Exercise 2: Uncial or Half-Uncial?

For each of these pairs, which column has the letterform which is Half-Uncial script?

  A B
1. Letter A Letter A
2. Letter B Letter B
3. Letter D Letter D
4. Letter G Letter G

These are the Half-Uncial forms:

1. A Letter A 

2. B Letter B  

3. A Letter D  

4. B Letter G

How did you do? As this course goes on, we'll practice identifying scripts by individual letterforms as well as by the overall look of the page. If you are able to spot the characteristic letterforms of Half-Uncial, you'll have a good foundation for identifying the many medieval minuscule scripts that are based on Half-Uncial. We'll have more practice telling Uncial from Half-Uncial in the next unit.