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Classical Antiquity: Paleography

Section 6: Exercise

Which image below is written in Square Capitals? (You can click and zoom to look at the images in detail.)


b. The bottom image (St. Gallen 1394) is in Square Caps

How did you do? In future lessons, we will constantly be comparing scripts to each other, and new scripts to ones we've already studied. Learning to identify scripts both from their general appearance in the context of a whole page and from particular letterforms is the core task of learning paleography. You'll get lots of practice. The more you look, the better at it you'll get!

If you read Latin and would like to try reading a manuscript in Square Capitals written in scriptio continua, go to the Classical Antiquity Transcription lesson. Otherwise, go directly to the Christian Late Antiquity Paleography lesson for the next chapter in the history of script.