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Insular Scripts: Transcription

Transcription Exercise 2

Iona, between 688 and 713 CE


Transcribe the end of line 8 to the beginning of line 26 from the second column.

Hints and helps

This scribe uses a form of ae ligature that looks like an e with a little tag that looks like part of a u hanging off its left side (as for example in the first two words in line 20). You may just transcribe this ae, or if you can type the ligature, æ. Do not treat it as an abbreviation.

The abbreviation at the end of line 19 is for q(uam). We will learn more about the p- and q- abbreviations in future lessons. Their use in Insular manuscripts is eccentric.

As in the previous manuscript, watch out for d that looks like cl.


Transcribe the second column, from the end of line 8 (the C with red wash in it)
to line 26, ending mid-line with est.

Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek, Gen. 1, p. 2. (www.e‑


Transcription Answer Key

8.    Co(-)
9.    lu(m)ba eteni(m) semplex et
10.  innocens (est) auis· hoc itaq(ue)
11.  uocamine et homo sem(-)
12.  plex innocensq(ue) nuncupa(-)
13.  ri debuit· qui in se colu(m)
14.  binis morib(us) sp(irit)ui s(an)c(t)o hos(-)
15.  pitiu(m) præbuit· Cui nomi(-)
16.  ni non inconuenienter
17.  congruit illud· quod in
18.  prouerbiis scriptum (est)
19.  Melius (est) nomen bonu(m) q(uam)
20.  diuitiæ multæ· Hic igi(-)
21.  tur noster præsul non
22.  inmerito non solu(m) a die(-)
23.  bus infantiæ hoc uoca(-)
24.  bulo d(e)o donante ad(-)
25.  ornatus proprio dita(-)
26.  tus est ’