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Insular Scripts: Transcription

Section 1: Review Insular Letterforms


Whether you are transcribing Insular Half-Uncial or Insular Minuscule, you should bear in mind the letterforms you practiced recognizing in the last unit, when you transcribed late-antique Half-Uncial.

As we mentioned in the Insular Paleography lesson, the Insular scripts mainly derive from Half-Uncial. Both the majuscule and minuscule Insular scripts — although their aspects are very different — use several of the most common Half-Uncial letterforms, notably the 5-shaped g.

As usual, be careful about telling r from tall s, and remember that in Insular scripts the shoulder of r curves down towards the baseline, while the shoulder of s never does. As a result, r is easy to confuse with n and s is easy to mistake for r.

This is an r: the letter r from Schaffhausen Stadbib Gen 1 p2 and this is an s: the letter s from Schaffhausen Stadbib Gen 1 p2