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Mardin, Church of the Forty Martyrs, CFMM 130, p. 3. All rights reserved. Image provided by HMML.


This manuscript shows what might be considered a classic Serto hand. There are none of the sharper curves akin to Estrangela that may appear in earlier Serto manuscripts, and the characteristic roundness of bēt, gāmal (hanging very low), ṭēt, mim, and qop make this an exemplary Serto manuscript.

Distinctive Letterforms
dālat and rēš
  • hang slightly below the line
  • has the connecting line between the vertical and the loop just below the top of the vertical
  • for final form, the second line with a small curve at the top

N.b. that in the combination ālap-lāmad, the ālap is not separate from the lāmad at the bottom.