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Many of the manuscripts in vHMML Reading Room are available for viewing only by registered users. This is a requirement of the owning libraries so that readers are aware of certain rights reserved by those institutions. Registration is one-time and no-cost. Once you have created an account and it has been confirmed by HMML, you will be able to sign in and browse everything in Reading Room.

If you are signed in to vHMML and are not active on any of the pages for 60.0 minutes, the system will inquire whether you still want to remain signed in. If you still do not respond, the system will automatically sign you out to maintain security.

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If you continue to have issues, please feel to contact us.

Universal Design

vHMML was envisioned, designed and created with principles of Universal Design in mind for all users, including those with different abilities. Accessibility for users who might utilize different input devices or assistive technology was considered from the very beginning. Part of the goal was to try to make the interface more flexible to be accessible for all kinds of users, especially for Reading Room. We provided point of need context-sensitive Help on all modules, with contact email available from any page from a contact link in the footer. HMML realizes that accessibility and Universal Design are goals in which we can continue to improve. Please contact us if you have issues accessing our vHMML site or if you have ideas for how we might continue to improve our design so that all may participate in using our resources and tools for manuscript studies.

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