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What You’ll Find in Reading Room

Reading Room is a comprehensive library of manuscripts, films and more. Reading Room does not yet contain all of HMML’s collections. You can view a list of collections already in Reading Room. For other collections, you will need to consult the Legacy Catalog or see a list of uncataloged collections.

How to Use Search

Once you activate the Date Range slider, manuscripts with no date, or no cataloger-supplied date, will be excluded from the results. For undated manuscripts a cataloger often suggests an approximate century, but some records have no date whatsoever. If you use the Date Range slider, set it with generous room on either side of your target date.

You can use Unicode characters for native script when searching Names and Titles, or for Keyword or Incipit searches. Note that native script appears only when useful for describing the manuscript, such as in notes, provenance, or other fields where transliteration cannot be used.

Icons & Search Results

This indicates a film in HMML’s collections. The Overview in the Description will tell you whether the film can be scanned for you. If so, you will see a link to our manuscript copy order form.

This indicates that digital images for this object exist and will be added to Reading Room, or can be viewed through an external digital facsimile.

Non-Registered, Registered and Limited Access

You can search in vHMML Reading Room without creating an account. You can view complete manuscripts from some libraries without registration, but most of our partners require that you register with vHMML before viewing their manuscripts. Registration is one-time and no-cost.

Some of HMML’s manuscripts are not viewable online. This is often the case for HMML’s pre-2003 microfilms or for microfilms we have purchased from other libraries. All materials, digital and analog, can be used on-site when visiting HMML.

The institutions that have allowed their manuscripts and printed materials to be digitized and shared with the scholarly community through HMML generally retain certain rights associated with the digital images. By entering vHMML Reading Room, you agree to respect the vHMML Terms of Use, and will not copy or redistribute images of manuscripts or printed materials from HMML’s partner libraries without prior authorization from HMML. Misuse of images in vHMML Reading Room may lead to suspension of your account. We encourage you to share with HMML any publications referring to the manuscripts or printed materials in vHMML Reading Room.

Thank you for respecting the cultural heritage of the institutions and families that have opened their libraries to the world.
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