HMML Uncataloged Collections

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The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library is currently digitizing manuscripts in several locations throughout the world. Digitization is faster than cataloging. As a result, there are many collections that were not included in our Legacy Catalog and are not yet available in the vHMML Reading Room.

This list contains both already digitized collections and those for which digitization is underway. We will do our best to make these manuscripts available upon request.

The list of collections below identifies which libraries currently have ongoing digitization projects and those have already digitized, but have not yet added to our online catalog. Information regarding the current status of the digitization project is also included, as is the number of manuscripts digitized or are to be digitized at the studio.

If you do not find what you need, please consult our list of Reading Room collections or search our  Legacy Catalog (OLIVER). For more information about our digitization work and cataloging plans, please contact us.